Don't Settle For Someone Else's Stock

Build your own! Getting your business online successfully can come with so many hurdles. Search engine optimization, paid advertising, building social awareness, and top-of-the-line web design. Along with that comes your company's photography. Whether you know it or not, images come into play in each and every aspect of your online presence and we've found that building customized photography around your personal brand brings so much strength to that presence.

It's hard to put these services into cookie-cutter packages as each and every business is it's own living, breathing entity. That calls for thought, conversation, and personalization. Do you just need images for your website or Amazon store? Or do you need semi-regular sets for your social branding and monthly  marketing? 

Let's grab a drink and make a plan!



Jade Consulting

Equipping women to level-up their sacred work

Before leaving Bellingham, WA we teamed up with a local, and very niche, Brand Consultant named Brooke. She runs an incredible company, teaming up with women in the centering and spiritual realm of the Divine Feminine. 

Her vision is to see you - the healer, creative, coach, and maker - and attract abundance so you flourish in the work you love, and reach more people who need you. For more information, head to her site I'll see you there!



Social, Branding & Design

for every business person

Aside from portrait photography work, Curtis and I are also experienced in brand consulting and execution. We are both contracted out regularly for social advertising, web design, graphics work, and branding guidelines. 

If you're looking to start a business, or have one up and running, and need to set solid boundaries for branding and voice, shoot us an email and let's talk things through!