w h e n o c e a n s r i s e | Fine Art Photography

Sunlight dances in her hair
as she reaches for the sky.
She loves the rain,
her spirit is free,
she is the most beautiful wildflower
that grows by the sea.
— Anonymous

I grew up in church.

It’s where I learned to make friends.

It’s where I learned to play the drums.

It’s where I learned to use a camera.

It’s where I learned I COULD sing.

Severing myself from the entity that formed my creative being has left me feeling incredibly lost over the past couple years. And not in a “why have I forsaken god” kind of sense, so no need for “prodigal son” references.

No, leaving the church meant leaving my creative community. It meant leaving the ONE place I could unleash my artistic side, within reason, multiple days a week.

But, strangely enough, losing that community was exactly needed to fling myself into who I could be. For wandering the creative wilderness led me to an ocean of finding myself.

To semi quote a worship song (weeeeeiiiiiirrrrrd, I know):

When oceans rise, my soul will rest in the embrace. For I am yours, and you are mine.

While this no longer carries its original meaning in my heart, it’s spoken to me with a new significance.

I am my art, and it is me.

Raw, dark, messy, gorgeous, and bursting with secret meanings & hidden words.

This is one of those shoots where I just let go. It wasn’t meant to be anything. I posted in a model-photographer group looking for a single person to shoot in the afternoon of a Wednesday and started Friday morning with a 4-person creative crew!

Each woman got to bring her own voice and style. Areca on hair, Natasha on makeup, Sarah as the model, and myself as the camera stand.

It was perfect.

Each time something like this seamlessly aligns, it reminds me I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

Bellingham Fashion Photographer - Elsa Co Photo - Bellingham Fine Art Photographer-07517.jpg

Hair Stylist: Areca H. of Hair by Areca

Makeup Artist: Natasha Grendon

Model: @sarahsmiles903 on Instagram