I'll Be Home For Christmas

Dearest Friends, old and new, I wanted to give you all a HUUUUUGE Thank You for this past year of work. It's honestly been the most amazing adventure I've experienced in my mere 23 years of life. As you've heard (or read) me say before, I was not at all expecting the amount of business and support I've received and it's been truly amazing. You've stuck by me through the bumps of business owning (I'm still not looking forward to tax season, let's be honest) and the highs of capturing everything that makes you YOU. 

I've learned a lot but I'm nowhere near done. There will be some changes coming with the New Year - ones that I'll explain more in depth as I strategize and finalize them over the holiday season! A few things you can definitely expect:

  • I will be splitting Elsa & Co Photography up into TWO entities. One for Senior, Family, & Wedding portraits and a second for my Creative & Fashion based endeavors. I don't have a set name yet so it's still a secret! ;)
  • Prices will be going up a little. I've learned a lot from the way I've run my business the past 11 months and I believe that if you truly value something you'll go for it! Thank you for giving me so many learning experiences, I can't wait to see what happens!
  • I will be offering a GRAND TOTAL of 5 Weddings next year so, if you're getting married let me know! <3
  • And lastly, I will be hosting a Valentine's Boudoir Special in January so be on the lookout for that! Sign ups begin December 26th. :)

I'm telling you all of this because I will be using the Holiday's, starting with Thanksgiving, to be with my loved ones (who've frankly seen next to nothing of me as I've been spreading myself thin between my multiple jobs) and planning out my next moves. This is my favorite time of year and I can't imagine not taking a moment to stop and soak it all in. I've barely been able to refrain from barfing Christmas all over my house. It's a struggle. ;)

I'll blog and continue updating you on the comings of this next year but all portraits will be on pause until January. THAT BEING SAID: If you would like and portraits, like Family Christmas Cards, I am available up until the day before Thanksgiving. So, let's make it happen!

I love you all. You're amazing. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!! <3