Feeling Tired? | Washington Fashion Photography

Sometimes I get the itch to drag my friends out, throw them into my clothes, and then get really mad about how much better they look in them than I do. It’s a rough cycle.

BUT it does create some pretty fun and saucy shoots.

This is probably one of the sexier things the streets of Lynden has experienced on a Sunday afternoon. And I’m not even mad about it. The towns people could be though?

Honestly, if you couldn’t tell by the tiny-tiny tank top, this was done in the middle of summer and I’m slowly trying to bring life to my blog while I venture out into the world of fashion design/photography, fine art work, and boudoir magic.

Thank you, as ALWAYS, to my beautiful ginger, Victoria, for being my constant muse and for being down to do things. Weird or no. <3