Sharing Is Caring | Bellingham WA Business & Brand Photography

The photographer community in Bellingham, WA is unlike any other I’ve experienced. And while that’s not saying a TON since I’ve only lived here, the Seattle area, and Portland, OR. BUT THAT BESIDE THE POINT.

Every photographer I’ve encountered on a personal level is not only eager to share their knowledge, gear, or studio space. No, we also share our shoots, our creative itches, and our clients.

None of us (to my knowledge at least… YOU BEST CHECK YOURSELF, JANET) are walking around talking smack and hoarding our client lists. if we’re not available, we pass people on to our friends. We support each others interests and specialties and I think it’s friggin’ rad.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this WAS a collab session and I’m still living off that high.

Felicia Dougherty of Felicia Marie Photography and Cameron Parker, the Creative Director of Brist Mfg., graciously invited me out on a headshot and portrait exchange they’d been meaning to get done, and I was stoked to be included.

For the most part, I ran around behind the scenes and tried to just let them get their work done but it wasn’t long before a creative hush fell across the room and all three of us were buzzing around each other, sharing the lead.

I only took pictures (on my camera) at our first location, and mostly modeled at our second.

I’ll be sure to come back and link to the other sessions as they hit the world. In the meantime, go follow these artists on Instagram at and @cambone_12, go follow my art insta @druidicarts, and go make your own creations! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE heART! :)

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