Keep Calm, Drink Tea.

This summer has definitely not gone how I initially envisioned. With the ridiculous momentum that came with winter & spring I expected the same to carry on through the "busiest time of year" for photographers and explode but, God had other plans for me. 

But, it was as if the universe knew it was coming. Everything paused. 

I kicked off the summer with multiple muscle tears & strains in my right knee which resulted in weeks on crutches, a HUGE bulky brace, and continued physical therapy. 

I went from fully booked weekends to inquirie and no follow ups, was given a new day job nannying a couple days a week instead of full time teaching and, for the better part of the month, had no control over my own mobility/transportation. It was rough at the beginning but a strange feeling of peace began to wash over me as I (reluctantly) let go and learned to slow down. 

I always try to tell myself I'm going to take a breather but never do. This time I had no choice. ;)

It's honestly been great! I finished refurbishing an antique desk, worked on my water color painting, planned out some super sweet fashion & creative shoots, and networked like crazy! I *am* hoping to kick things back into gear soon, though... ;) 

But, right now, I'm going to drink this tea and soak in some sun.  


Elyssa Zornes1 Comment