A Change of Seasons

For the past 8 months I have been living (and loving) life as a Pre-K teacher at a local school. The job was kind of thrown into my lap, with little to no effort on my part, and has been both a blessing and a curse ever since.

While my immune system has been a mess for almost 10 yers it has, in the last 8 months, completely betrayed me. Multiple ER trips, numerous doctors appointments, and even more blood/body tests than either of those combined. It has been a struggle of mind, soul, and body but I've fought to stay positive and pushed to live life to the fullest! It hasn't been easy. 

I thought I was going to take this year (2015) to slowly build my brand, style, & business but apparently you guys had other ideas! ;) I had more sessions in January than I did in all of 2014 and things haven't slowed yet! I am continuously blown away by the support and inquiries I've been receiving, and have been scrambling to stay caught up. It truly is the adventure of a lifetime!

  All that being said, rocking both "Teacher" and "Photographer" has been a bit much on my weeny system so, I have decided to take a leap and step down from teaching and into a little more of a full-time creative lifestyle. I *will* be nannying a bit to keep a more solid income flow BUT, I'm SO EXCITED! 


Thank you for the role you have played in bringing my dreams to life! I can't wait to see what comes next!