It's Our Grand Opening!

If you are reading this, WELCOME TO MY NEW WEBSITE! Boy howdy, am I excited to be launching this puppy!

If you had told me in middle school that, at the age of 22, I would own my own business, I probably would have laughed but, not anymore! A dream I never even saw coming has officially become my reality and I couldn't be anymore excited (and nervous) than I am right now.

So many things have been coming together and taking off this year. With all the changes, it's a miracle my head hasn't exploded! ;) 

I'd like to take this time to say a HUGE thank you to my supportive husband, loving family, and awesome group of friends. There is no way I'd be here without all of you people in my life. 

And thank you to YOU, reading this silly attempt at a blog post, for showing an interest in what I love! 



Elyssa Hanline // owner of Elsa & Co Photography