New Year New Business

As we leave 2015 and say a jolly hello to 2016 new plans are being put into action everywhere! Elsa & Co Photography is no exception to this annual tradition. Coming into 2015 my goal was to have 15 sessions for the year and research opening a business: I tripled my 15 session goal and ended officially licensed-up in March. It has been a WHIRLWIND and I love it!

With this New Year I'm not putting a cap on how much I do but stepping up my business game like a #LadyBOSS! I've learned so much from my experiences so far and I'm stoked to see where things go next. Things Clients can expect in 2016:

  • Prices are being raised a little.
  • Contracts & Security Fees will be implemented.
  • Packages are more inclusive. (And have cute little names). ;)
  • Every session comes with a number of 5"x5" Prints.
  • All Galleries will be delivered through Pixieset which includes your High Quality final images and a store where prints and canvases are available. 
  • I will be offering *up to* FIVE Weddings a year - Including Elopements.
  • Mini Sessions will no longer be available all year round, there will be specific weekends spread throughout the year. 

I've recently updated a few pages around my website the first being my "Investments" page and the second being the "Boudoir" page. Both have the option to directly email me with inquiries and updated descriptions on what to expect with each and every session! 

Blogging is going to be a little higher of a priority to me as I continue maintenance on the site and finding my voice and what makes me stand out! A couple things you can be on the lookout for are: "Engagements: Outside The Portrait" and "What's A Boudoir?". <3

Gah, I'm seriously so excited! You guys are awesome. Let's do this!

 Click the photo to see more from my "Smoke &amp; Snow" session with the stunning MacKenzie Price!

Click the photo to see more from my "Smoke & Snow" session with the stunning MacKenzie Price!