Sharing Is Caring | Bellingham WA Business & Brand Photography

The photographer community in Bellingham, WA is unlike any other I’ve experienced. And while that’s not saying a TON since I’ve only lived here, the Seattle area, and Portland, OR. BUT THAT BESIDE THE POINT.

Every photographer I’ve encountered on a personal level is…

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w h e n o c e a n s r i s e | Fine Art Photography

This is one of those shoots where I just let go. It wasn’t meant to be anything. I posted in a model-photographer group looking for a single person to shoot in the afternoon of a Wednesday and started Friday morning with a 4-person creative crew!

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Claim Your Health & Unfurl Your Wings | Podcast & Branding Session

“We met at a local coffee restaurant, Camber… It was there that they shared their hearts behind their businesses and how they hope to combine their experiences, share what they’ve learned so far, and hear from other small business owners.”

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f o g f o r a g i n g | Fine Art Photography