Co-create your story


Elsa Co Photo was founded on the ardent conviction that every person has a Creator within awaiting self-expression. Today, we have developed this passion into a specialty style that focuses on self-expressive fashion, stories of personal pilgrimage and love, and adventurism in the great Pacific Northwest.  

We extend the creative power from behind our lenses to our clients in front of them. We invite you to create with us, to drive your story, to thrive and explore within the photographic framework of our creative vision.  

Our soul-deep commitment to genuinely collaborate is what sets our photography apart. We seek to showcase the miracle of your uniqueness in an engaging, intuitive style. We beautify eccentricity. Every shoot is approached as it's own microcosm: as your story, told through our lens. 

About Elsa Co Photo, Portland Oregon Photographer

We understand that life is a journey.

Often tough, always meaningful. And it's those stories that make us who we are. But we also know that every journey is totally unique. 

That's actually why we're here: to show you how worthy you are, how miraculous your stories, and how beautiful your journey.